Building reliable systems since 2006
Since 2006 we’ve been building top quality systems, resources to help designers, developers & makers do their best work. We created them thinking about simplicity, usability and optimization
Passionate about creating digital solutions
We have build products that we love to share with the world to make the life a litle bit easier. We create products to improve your systems and improve performance for the users.
Digitalize and Automate
Perfectly tailored highly customizable systems to meet your needs, and empower you to use data, improve efficiency, sharpen decision making, realise connectivity and automate time consuming tasks to remove redundancy.
Let us Advance
Since 2006 we’ve been building top quality systems, resources to help designers, developers & makers do their best work. We created them thinking about simplicity, usability and optimization

Why Data Care (U) Ltd

Data Care (U) Ltd is a well-known IT consulting firm that specializes in implementing successful projects for both government and non-government organizations in Uganda and other countries. With over 10 years of experience since 2006, we offer flexible solutions in software development, data management, training, process improvement, technology strategies, and system audits. Our dedicated team of experts understands the value of technology as a catalyst for business success. We work closely with our clients to leverage technology and help them achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Our Processes
DC PM and QA

We are a dynamic company that integrates strategy, design, and engineering to give your business a competitive advantage. Trusted by teams across 11 countries, our focus is on transforming your digital journey while ensuring rigorous security and compliance for you and your clients.

DC Developer
DC iso certification 9001
DC iso certification 27001

What we offer

We have excelled our experience in a while range of industries to bring valuable insights and provide our customers with the truly beneficial solutions

Web & Mobile Development

Data Care's Cloud Platform empowers clients to build and deploy scalable, globally-accessible applications and information systems.


ProMISe ERP is an efficient and integrated solution by Data Care that streamlines business processes, centralizes information, improves reporting, enhances customer service, and ensures data security.

Monitoring & Evaluation

This module creates project frameworks, defines indicators, links data tools, accommodates secondary data, and involves partners for aggregated reporting.

Human Resource

Data Care HRMIS is a comprehensive module that handles the complete staff life cycle recruitment, attendance, payroll, benefits management, assessment, and termination in organizations.

Business Enabling Tools

ProMISe software suite streamlines organizational processes with modules for finance, CRM, and grant management, maximizing profits, optimizing productivity, and ensuring accountability.

ERP Utility tools

ProMISe ERP includes additional utility features alongside core modules for enhanced functionality and versatility.


Data Care scoops IT accolade at the President’s Export Award

Data Care (U) Limited, an ICT consulting company that has been at the forefront of many Government and Non-Government projects in Uganda and the East African Region, was recognized as the Gold award winner in the category “IT and IT – Enabled services” export performance in 2021/2022.

Advance with our experienced team

At our organization, we prioritize sustainable knowledge transfer and management. To ensure ongoing innovation, we consistently invest in employee training and actively seek out new talents, fostering a dynamic and innovative workforce capable of driving our organization's growth and success.


ProMISe ERP stands out as a homegrown solution that is of reputable quality and has a borderless implementation. With our new version, we help organizations and businesses around the world to advance with digitalization.

Some of our clients

DataCare Clientele

Industries We Serve

Data Care excels in serving diverse industries, offering valuable insights and beneficial solutions tailored to our customers' needs.



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