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Data Care (U) Ltd was in April 2017 contracted by Watoto Child Care Ministries to supply the Human Resource Management Information System solution. Data Care is addressing the need through the use of the configurable ProMISe HRMIS module off the web-based ProMISe ERP. ProMISe HRMIS has several modules i.e. Payroll ... Read More
09/05/2017kiganda Edward


Data Care (U) Ltd was in April 2017 contracted by Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG) to upgrade and improve the organisation’s Monitoring and Evaluation system. UHMG is envisaging an Integrated Data management and Reporting management information system that can be leveraged on monitoring and evaluation activities both at project and ... Read More
09/05/2017kiganda Edward


The Partnership For Transparency Fund (PTF) through the Citizen Action Platform (CAP) expands and intensifies citizen engagement in the demand for government integrity and accountability in the provision of public health services. On 1st  December, 2016 was contracted by  The Partnership For Transparency Fund (PTF) to upgrade, design and development the CAP system ... Read More


Customer relationship management (CRM) is a software designed to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer life-cycle with a major goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. Key features of CRM software include: Marketing automation: Has capabilities that automate repetitive tasks ... Read More
17/05/2016kiganda Edward


Data Care has been contracted by Trademark East Africa - TMEA to
23/01/2015kiganda Edward


Data Care worked with the Community Amber Alert Against Child Sacrifice (CAAACS) project to implemented a GIS and SMS Application to facilitate reporting and tracking of missing children in Buikwe District. The main objective of the application is to ensure that there is instantaneous information sharing when a ... Read More
17/09/2014kiganda Edward
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  In the year 2014, we are focusing on consolidating our growth potential through process re-engineering, getting ISO 9001 2008 certification and implementation of the Agile methodology to systems development. We anticipate having most of our staff members getting professional certifications, 12 interns graduating from our mentorship program and ... Read More
12/06/2014kiganda Edward


In April 2014, Data Care was contracted by AFFORD/UHMG to conduct Database integration and enhancement of their current Monitoring and Evaluation system. The AFFORD project funded the development of a database (In 2007) to facilitate data processing and generation of reports both for internal use and reporting. The online reporting system ... Read More
10/05/2014kiganda Edward


Data Care (U) Ltd has automated Vine Pharmaceuticals Ltd's Procurement systems through the design, implementation and support of a Requisitions Management Information System to streamline the Purchases processes and supplies monitoring workflows. The
07/04/2014kiganda Edward
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The last 8 years at Data Care have been an amazing journey. As we consolidate our growth and excellent service delivery, we believe that the challenge is in the details. For us to make significant change in the work we do self leadership is at the Centre of it all. In ... Read More
16/09/2013kiganda Edward